May 17, 2019

Season 1, Episode 2: Life of the Varsity Athlete - On and Off the Court

Season 1, Episode 2: Life of the Varsity Athlete - On and Off the Court
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Whether it is under the Friday night lights, beneath waves at the swimming pool, or the beautiful sunshine out on the tennis court, the games you witness involving our varsity athletes here at Emmaus High School only tell part of the student-athlete story. What you don’t see are the hours practicing and perfecting their sports, the homework thats gets started at 9 PM after the long bus ride from the Poconos, or the sacrifices of not hanging out with friends or going to that late night movie. On this episode of the 9th Grade Experience, we are going to explore the world of becoming a varsity athlete in your first year on campus. Told through the stories of Nick Velde, wrestling, and Sarah Hoch, basketball, these two students give insight about the dedication and perseverance needed in order to excel in the area of athletics. They also talk about the importance of time management to get things done both on and off the court. Before you hand in that physical and get ready for the first day of tryouts, listen to Nick and Sarah give you the tips that could you from the bench to the starting lineup