May 21, 2019

Season 1, Episode 4: LCTI

Season 1, Episode 4: LCTI
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Everyone knows how difficult the transition to high school can be … but what if you were doing it two times a day in two different locations? 

For our 9th grade students who are attending Lehigh Career and Technical Institute, they have lived that reality this year by needing to adjust to multiple buses rides, two sets of building expectations, various schedules, and 3:15 returns back to Emmaus High School. 

They have done all this while balancing their core academic classes and the potential to learn about careers that could shape their future. In this episode, you will hear the stories of Ainsley Waldrab, Brenden Aldinger, and Chris Rohrbach, who have taken on these challenges, been successful both at LCTI and EHS and have even gained student of the month recognition in their labs. 

These students will tell the stories of why they chose to attend LCTI, the importance of finding the lab that interests you and breaking out of your comfort zone in order to learn more about yourself and the careers around you. 

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for some hands-on work as we hear from Ainsley, Brenden, and Chris!