Dec. 20, 2019

Season 2, Episode 12: Hello, Freshman! Inside the Emmaus Theater Department, Volume 1

Season 2, Episode 12: Hello, Freshman! Inside the Emmaus Theater Department, Volume 1
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One of the goals of the 9th Grade Experience is to tell the stories of the widest-range of students possible who are involved throughout Emmaus High School. In order to dive a little deeper and really get some behind-the-scenes information, at least one time per month, the podcast will attempt to follow a group of students who are attempting to excel outside the classroom. For the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, that focus will be on the Emmaus Theater Department and its production of the musical Hello, Dolly! We will be talking with freshman cast members, crew members, and anyone who has a hand in making the show a success in time for the anticipated opening in March 2020. 

The first installment will be in two parts. In the opening volume, you will hear from theater director Mrs. Kuebler about her background in the theater, what roles freshmen have in the production, and how she keeps the whole operation running smoothly. In the second half of the episode you will hear from Mason Steltz, Dom Zientara, and Jacob Klinedinst before they audition and how they hope to be a part of such a strong and proud EHS Theater tradition.

In Volume 2, slated to be released in early January, you will hear from Abby Roth, Brielle Eisenberg, and Liza Duerholz right after their first round of singing auditions. They will tell you what it was like to be alone in the audition room belting out some of the musical's most know tunes and trying to impress the directors of the show.  They also talk about the jump from middle school productions to the demands and expectations here at the high school.

Volume 1

Mrs. Kuebler

Mason Steltz

Dom Zientara

Jacob Klinedinst

Volume 2

Abby Roth

Brielle Eisenberg

Liza Duerholz