March 25, 2020

Season 2, Episode 20: Career Readiness with Brian Koppelman

Season 2, Episode 20: Career Readiness with Brian Koppelman
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You never know what the answer to a question will be until you ask it. When Brian Koppelman, co-creator of the Showtime show Billions and co-writer of movies Rounders and Ocean’s Thirteen, put out a tweet and said he would appear on podcasts during the Coronavirus shutdown, I sent him an email. I never expected to hear back, but within 3 minutes of sending the message, he replied and said he would be “100 percent in.” Koppelman was gracious with his time and excited to share stories of his high school days and beyond. Some of the topics we discussed included

The impact that books can have at critical parts of your life

Involvement in different types of extracurricular activities that allowed you to span different peer groups

The need to listen to your instincts and the willingness to follow that voice toward work that makes you feel alive inside

The things that make people truly happy

The power of learning and using new words

So, it’s time to go all in, and listen to this wide-ranging conversation with Brian Koppelman.