April 10, 2020

Season 2, Episode 23: Coronavirus Update Week 4

Season 2, Episode 23: Coronavirus Update Week 4
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As we approach the end of our fourth week of the Coronavirus shutdown in the East Penn School District, we check in with 9th graders at Emmaus High School to see how they have adjusted to their new reality. This week's episode uses the audio from a Google Meet session that featured Reid Scharer, Joshua Jones, and Avery Smith talking about the first week of new learning in the EPSD Continuity of Learning Plan. The students came together to share their challenges during the first week, what the requirements looked like in classes like Wellness/Fitness and Band, and some strategies to get back into that mindset of needing to get work done. At the end of the episode, we also touch on the decision that was announced on Thursday, April 9, that closed school buildings down in the state of Pennsylvania for the remainder of the year. 

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