June 4, 2020

Season 2, Episode 31: Inside the Hornet's Nest: At Home with The Conner Family

Season 2, Episode 31: Inside the Hornet's Nest: At Home with The Conner Family
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Whether it has been on the football field on Friday nights, at community events, or posing under a billboard congratulating the Class of 2020, the Hornet mascot has become an unmistakeable symbol of Emmaus High School over the last three years. But, despite being so visible, how much do you know about the student in the costume and his family?

On this episode, we hear from the Hornet himself, graduating senior Zachary Conner, his mom Jennifer, and his soon-to-be 9th grade brother Andrew about what it has been like to watch the Hornet mascot grow and evolve. 

Zach and his mom share the story of his 9th grade year, which despite strong grades, was filled with depression and a longing to find a spot to fit in. Little did Zach and his family know that a random tweet before his sophomore year looking for students interested in becoming a mascot would change his high school path.

We also listen to Andrew explain his experience becoming the LMMS mascot, his hopes for continuing with it at the high school, and how he is preparing for his arrival at EHS in the fall. 

Finally, we get some tips for parents from Jennifer, about things to look for in your 9th grader that may be signs to watch for and the importance of getting involved and finding  your way.