Oct. 3, 2019

Season 2, Episode 6: Student Profiles - Chris Alfau and Donavan McCargo

Season 2, Episode 6: Student Profiles - Chris Alfau and Donavan McCargo
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High school is a time for new beginnings, making changes, and preparing yourself to move towards adulthood, especially if your middle school years did not go exactly as planned. For two best friends, Chris Alfau and Donavan McCargo, coming to Emmaus High School meant making an agreement that they would push each other academically and socially in order to make the most of their high school years and leave behind some of their previous behaviors and mindsets. 

Since meeting on Donavan’s first day of seventh grade, the two middle school transfer students, have become accountability partners for each other and maintained a friendship that they hope will carry them through the next four years. 

In this episode, Chris and Donavan talk about the importance of time management and getting stuff done, adjusting to academic challenges, and why it is so critical to pick good friends. So find a buddy and make a plan to listen to this conversation with Chris and Donavan.