Jan. 21, 2021

Season 3, Episode 17: Student Spotlight - Grant Gallagher

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On this episode, we catch up with student Grant Gallagher, whose post on our podcast message board for the Class of 2024, invited us to tell his story of how Covid-19 impacted him and his family earlier this year. Gallagher, who is currently enrolled in the Jasper Learning Initiative Program, discussed both the physical and mental strains that students encounter as they battle through this illness. Gallagher also talked about how, even in a hybrid setting, he has found a sense of belonging and growth through academics and activities at EHS.

Production note: Gallagher disclosed information about his Covid-19 test results in his original post on the message board post, which asked students to talk about their 9th grade year thus far. Permission was granted by his mother for him to tell his story on the podcast.