Feb. 12, 2021

Season 3, Episode 20: EPSD Mental Health Symposium 2021

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With an even greater emphasis during these unprecedented times, student mental health has gained a heightened awareness as students face the challenges of the world around them. On this episode, we preview the 2021 EPSD Virtual Mental Health Symposium being held February 15 through 28 which hopes to begin helping parents and members of the community understand more about this topic.  

Co-chair members Amy Williams, Communities in Schools at Emmaus High School; Stephanie Cignarella, School Psychologist at Emmaus High School; and Lisa Shirvinski, School Counselor at Lower Macungie Middle School, detail all of the amazing opportunities to learn about a variety of mental health tools and tips applicable to students of all ages.  

To learn more about the speakers, the schedule and the sign-ups for the virtual mini-panels go to https://bit.ly/epsdmhsym2021.