Feb. 19, 2021

Season 3, Episode 21: School and Professional Counselor, Journalist and Podcast Host Phyllis Fagell

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On this episode we are joined by licensed clinical professional counselor, certified professional school counselor, journalist, and podcast host Phyllis Fagell to talk about the current challenges students are facing as they begin the process of transitioning from middle school to high school during the pandemic. Her book Middle School Matters: the 10 Key Skills Needs to Thrive in Middle School and Beyond - and How Parents Can Helpgives actionable steps for students, parents, and teachers to develop the important skills necessary to grow inside and outside the classroom. Phyllis also shares her own memorable 9th grade experiences and parental advice from two of her own children's journey through freshmen year. 

To get your own copy of Middle School Matters from Let's Play Books in Emmaus, Pa go to: https://www.letsplaybooks.com/book/9780738235080

To read the Washington Post article referenced in the interview go to: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/resilience-pandemic-kids/2021/01/25/d4037b12-5c1a-11eb-b8bd-ee36b1cd18bf_story.html

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