March 12, 2021

Season 3, Episode 25: #EHSCareerMonth Advice From EHS Grads

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We are close to the halfway point of #EHSCareerMonth and on this episode we have remix of two earlier episodes of the podcast featuring EHS graduates Lisa MacDonald '14 and Senator Clarence Lam '99. We pulled out great career advice for students at all grade levels who may be interested in starting their own business like Lisa or mixing multiple areas of interest to arrive in a career like Clarence.

Don't forget to check your Class of 2024 Schoology page on how to access all of the #EHSCareerMonth speakers and activities and share your pictures of career readiness activities on Instagram or Twitter using the #EHSCareerMonth

Lisa's full episode: https://www.9thgradeexperience.com/season-3-episode-1-ehs-graduate-spotlight-imperfection-is-beautiful-with-lisa-macdonald-14/

Clarence's full episode: https://www.9thgradeexperience.com/season-3-episode-2-ehs-graduate-spotlight-maryland-state-senator-clarence-lam-99/