June 1, 2021

Season 3, Episode 34: 5th Grade Experience Passion Projects

On this special episode of the 9th Grade Experience we take it back to elementary school, as we hear 5th grade students at Wescosville Elementary share their passion projects.  Thanks to Mrs. Feher, one of the 5th grade teachers, for reaching out to the podcast to ask for assistance in helping her students record their work in audio form. In addition to the background information on the purpose of the projects, Feher also shared her own freshmen year story along with hopes for her current student's future school careers.

In sticking with the theme of the podcast, at the end of their presentations, each student was asked what they think 9th grade might be like for them in a few years. Below is a list of students, topics and the order they appear in this episode.

First group 

Ella and Maddy - Animal Extinction

Leah - Animal Shelters

Second Group 

Ryleigh and Grace - Saving Arctic Animals

Third Group

Paige - Depression in Older Adults

Olivia - Nature Therapy