Nov. 4, 2021

Season 4, Episode 10: Student Spotlight - Will Buck

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When entering 9th grade, some students choose to ease into this transitional time to get their feet under them by limiting their activities and focusing on school.

Will Buck is not one of those students.

He is currently participating on two school sports teams during the fall season: varsity football as the kickoff specialist and JV soccer as a goalie. He is taking a demanding course load, full of upper-level honors classes. He is also one of the first students to reach out on his own to be interviewed on this podcast.

In this episode, Will shares how he was able to balance his busy fall season, the importance of time management, and why he is interested in podcasting.

Look for more from Will in the future as we look to incorporate him into future episodes of this podcast and prepare him to potentially host his own show.