Nov. 23, 2021

Season 4, Episode 12: Attitude of Gratitude 2021

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it's a great time to look back and reflect on the many positives in our lives for the third annual Attitude of Gratitude special episode. Over 50 members, and one four-legged friend, of the Emmaus High School community took time during this busy period of the school year to share a little bit about what makes them #EastPennProud and thankful. Ranging from just being back in the school building with students to feeling welcomed as a new student to supportive colleagues and friends, we hope the messages of gratitude in this episode will inspire you to reach out and share a special token of appreciation to anyone that has helped you along your journey this school year. So before you fill your plate food, once again fill yourself with an attitude of gratitude with the students and staff at EHS.

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