Dec. 10, 2021

Season 4, Episode 13: Reflection from Pre-Service Teacher Kayla Canning

During the course of the fall semester, Kayla Canning, a senior, pre-service teacher from Cedar Crest College, shadowed me in the classroom, which was one of my first experiences with.a pre-service teacher. On today's episode Kayla will give her impressions and thoughts of what it's like as somebody that's learning to become a teacher, especially with 9th grade students. She also honestly looks back back on her own ninth grade experience and assesses some of her decisions during that year and how those influenced her choice to be a teacher.

We have a couple shout outs! 

The East Penn Education Foundation. At the end of November, the 9th Grade Experience was awarded a grant to purchase some new video equipment for the podcast, so hopefully you will be seeing our video quality increase in the new year. The east Penn Education Foundation also gave the initial grant for the equipment to start the podcast so they've been there since the since the beginning. We thank the East Penn Education Foundation for their generous support of the podcast, and for supporting different projects throughout the school district as well.  

Thanks to all of you!

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At the end of this episode, you'll see a commercial that we produced for ETV asking students to participate in our next challenge our next getting getting out there to give their new year's resolutions so we're ​looking forward to see what you're going to improve upon in the new year so listen all the way to the end of the episode to see how you can participate in that next week here at the high school and in the world if you're listening electronically or anywhere