Feb. 3, 2022

Season 4, Episode 17: Linus Sandin and Garrett Metcalf of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms

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To help promote the upcoming Emmaus High School Night at the Lehigh Valley Phantoms on February 19, 2022, this episode features two members of the team talking about their unique 9th grade experiences while chasing the dream of playing professional hockey. Linus Sandin and Garrett Metcalf have both followed a long path to reach playing in the American Hockey League and look back on their experiences up to this point with special host, Phantoms radio announcer Bob Rotruck.  

Sandin, originally born in Sweden, talks about how ingrained hockey was to his schooling experience while Metcalf shares how a decision made early in his high school career took him from home to pursue competitive hockey. Both interviews show the importance of focusing on a goal and doing everything possible in order to accomplish the desired outcome.  

Additional thanks to Amy Keller, Senior Creative Director for the Phantoms, for helping to facilitate these interviews as well Rotruck, who stepped in to hold the conversations based on player media availability.   

For more on the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, visit www.phantomshockey.com  

EHS Night at the Phantoms  

We are having an Emmaus Phantoms Night! 

The EHS Class of 2025 will be hosting an Emmaus Family/Friends Phantoms night open to all East Penn Families, Students, and Staff. The EHS Chorus will be performing the National Anthem and we have access to $40 tickets for just $25. If you order tickets before 1/21, you will be entered into a raffle for free future tickets, one of 8 spaces on the Fanboni during the game, and Phantoms swag. The more tickets we sell, the more raffle prizes we will have Use this link and share with anyone who you think would enjoy a fun night out at the Phantoms.  


Contact Mrs. Kaunitz for more information.