Aug. 9, 2021

Season 4, Episode 2: Career Readiness with Worcester Red Sox Announcer Josh Maurer

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What would it be like as a freshman in high school at the same time as a future NBA Hall of Famer? In this episode, you will hear Worcester Red Sox Radio Announcer Josh Maurer tell what it was like to "share" the halls of Lower Merion High School with then senior Kobe Bryant. Maurer talks about how some of the experiences during that year led him to what has become a near 20-year professional sports broadcasting career. 

Other topics Maurer discusses include:

* Involvement in media, sports, and drama in high school

* Creating opportunities and getting his foot in the door

* Adaptability and change in the sports media

* Daily life and routines of a professional baseball announcer

* Handling criticism 

Follow Josh on Twitter: @joshmaurerpxp and check out the Worcester Red Sox at https://www.milb.com/worcester