May 1, 2022

Season 4, Episode 26: What Can I Do After High School? Lessons from the 2022 EHS College Fair

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As the 9th grade year is quickly coming to an end, it is only natural to think about what is ahead ...

A relaxing summer?

A first job?

A fun vacation?

College, trade school, military service, or an apprenticeship program?

It's never too early to think about what you might want to do after high school and on this episode, we recap the 2022 Emmaus High School College Fair, held Thursday, April 28, 2022. Representatives from over 120 post-secondary options were available to assist students in learning more about what they could do after high school graduation.

If you were not able to attend or did not get the chance to meet all of the representatives, we were able to ask 11 representatives the following three questions:

1. What advice do you have for 9th graders beginning the college/trade investigation process?

2. What is a misconception of parents and students during the college/trade investigation and application process?

3. What can you tell us about your college, university, trade school, military service or apprenticeship program?

Special thanks to following counselors and representatives that took the time to speak with the 9th Grade Experience during the event (representatives are listed in the order of appearance)

John Carreiro - Graduate/Field Force Member - USMA West Point

Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Treiber - PA Army National Guard

Rachael Toonder - Admissions Counselor - Northampton Community College

Robert C. Franklin III - Training Director - IBEW Local Union No. 375

Kathleen Stango - Admissions Officer - University of Connecticut

Izzy Ambrogio - Admissions Counselor - St. Bonaventure University

Emily Grady - Career Planning Specialist/CSC - Empire Beauty School

Carrie Puentes-Bornmann - Admissions Counselor - Elizabethtown College

Christine Gibble - Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions - Neumann University

Chris Paul - Regional Recruiter of Central NJ/Eastern PA - University of Alabama

Layla Malewicz - Recruitment Liaison - St. Luke's School of Nursing

Musical Credit

Thanks to Eli Heckman, Class of 2025 for providing the music in today's episode!

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