June 11, 2022

Season 4, Episode 27: School's Out For Summer - A Look Back for the Class of 2025

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The last day of school always brings mixed emotions. Mostly it is relief, for the students and the teachers, on the completion of another year. There is also opportunity for reflection by the members of the Class of 2025 on the transition from middle to high school.  

In this episode you will hear from several students who were in person on the final day of the school year that wanted to share the highlights of their year and some tips for incoming 9th graders. We also had a chance to hear from those students who participated via the 9th Grade Experience message board but did not want to talk live on the episode.  

The 9th Grade Experience will continue to produce episodes throughout the summer to share the stories of Emmaus High School alumni telling their 9th grade stories, experts in the field of education helping students prepare for their first year of high school, as well potential surprises to help grow and expand the podcast.   

Thanks for listening during the 2021-2022 school year!  

Special Shout Out

Thanks to Kyle from the Xhausted Educators Show for recently having me on a guest. On the episode, we chatted about my background in education, my role in the classroom and Philadelphia sports. To listen to the audio podcast, click https://www.teachbetter.com/podcasts/xhausted-educators/

Musical Credit 

Thanks to Eli Heckman, Class of 2025 for providing the music in today's episode!  

Education Podcast Network 

I am proud to announce that the 9th Grade Experience Podcast has joined the Education Podcast Network (EPN). The passionate hosts of the EPN family are made up of a wide variety of teachers, administrators, and educators who are dedicated to bringing you the best in education-related content. The network covers everything from current events in education, technology, and best practices to the latest editorials and more on a regular basis in high quality. To find out more information about all the great shows, visit https://www.edupodcastnetwork.com/