July 21, 2022

Season 5, Episode 1: The Cole Cast, Volume 1 featuring Cole Stuchko

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Welcome to Season 5 of the 9th Grade Experience!

In the summer kickoff of new episodes to gear up for the 2022-2023 school year and new season, the podcast is debuting a new feature: a regular interview segment with my son, Cole Stuchko, who will be entering 9th grade. He has agreed to come at least monthly to give us a first-hand account of the what life is like as an Emmaus High School freshmen. On this episode, we talk about his summer preparations for the new school year, seeing his preliminary schedule, and how he feels about having a parent currently teaching at the school he will attend. He also gives everyone a reminder at the end to complete your summer reading assignment! 

For all previous episodes of the podcast, go to www.9thgradeexperience.com. If you visit the site, you can leave us a voicemail, an email or a rate and review of the show.

Musical Credit

Thanks to Eli Heckman, Class of 2025 for providing the music in today's episode!

Education Podcast Network

I am proud to announce that the 9th Grade Experience Podcast has joined the Education Podcast Network (EPN). The passionate hosts of the EPN family are made up of a wide variety of teachers, administrators, and educators who are dedicated to bringing you the best in education-related content. The network covers everything from current events in education, technology, and best practices to the latest editorials and more on a regular basis in high quality. To find out more information about all the great shows, visit https://www.edupodcastnetwork.com/