Jan. 14, 2023

Season 5, Episode 8: Midterm Exam Preparation Tips and Strategies

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Midterms exams can be a stressful time for students. For all Emmaus High School students except for seniors, this year will be the first time they have taken a traditional middle of the year assessment while in high school.   

In this episode, we hope to ease that anxiety with helpful tips and strategies to overcome the challenge. First, we hear from school counselor Mrs. Demchak about the importance of coming up with a plan of preparation, the importance of scheduling breaks and self care time during your studying and how to tackle the remainder of the school year.   

We also talk with the Stinger student newspaper's Social Media Editor junior Emma Dela Cruz about an article she wrote in the December 2022 issue of the paper about myths and misconceptions about midterms. Emma dives deep into the mental approach in preparation, active studying processes, and the importance of sleep.   

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To view the Stinger, EHS student newspaper, go https://stingerehs.com/ 

Musical Credit 

Thanks to Eli Heckman, Class of 2025, for providing the music in today's episode!  

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