Season 5, Episode 14: Joseph Tiwold - 9th Grade Student Teaching Experience

Joseph Tiwold, a junior at Kutztown University and graduate of Northampton High School, joins us on this episode to reflect on his 7 weeks of observation of 9th grade classes here at Emmaus High School.

He is preparing to become a teacher and he shares his perspective as a student who is still in classes, while not too far removed from his own high school days.

He comes from a family of teachers and shares his passion for entering the classroom at the end of his program.

Topics from the episode include:
* Joe's 9th Grade Experience and dealing with a season-ending injury in his Freshman wrestling season
* How that injury impacted his friend group during that transition to high school
* His own 9th grade science class experience
* His observations of being an educator in a 9th grade classroom
* The biggest differences he notices from his own 9th grade experience to his educator experience
* The steps he still needs to take to be a teacher

He closes out the interview giving his best answer to future employers about why he would like to be a teacher.
Musical Credit
Thanks to Eli Heckman, Class of 2025, for providing the music in today's episode!

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