May 24, 2021

Season 3, Episode 33: Freshmen Throwback with Grace Comfort, Class of 2021

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Grace Comfort, Class of 2021, has an impressive list of accomplishments displayed on her #2021EHSGradSpotlight poster that has been promoted through various East Penn School District social media accounts over the last few months. She serves as the president of Peers Assisting Learning Support (PALS), Student Government Association Secretary and EPSD School Board Representative, and National Honor Society member among many other things. 

But most importantly, Grace is a strong self-advocate. During a Genius Hour project in middle school, Grace investigated her own learning challenges and eventually discovered she had dyslexia. While transitioning to high school, Grace spent her 9th grade year figuring out how could best learn and perform at a high academic level. While it wasn't always easy, Grace's story shows that with courage, compassion, connection and a desire to never stop questioning that great things are possible.

She plans on majoring in psychology at Lafayette College.